Effective Government. Real Solutions.

Effective Government requires elected officials who are willing to discuss and tackle the tough issues hurting everyday Kansans. Elected officials who are more interested in passing real solutions instead of partisan games.

Kansas’ economic development is directly tied to our quality of life.

Protect Reproductive Healthcare

The decision about whether or when to become a parent is a deeply personal and private matter. I appreciate that abortion is a complex issue for the individuals involved. That’s why I feel that politicians should stay out of the very personal and private decision whether to have an abortion.

Expand Medicaid

For decades, our healthcare system has been overpriced and unfair. Our goal must be to get you—and every hard-working Kansan—the health care you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford. Jaelynn supports Medicaid Expansion.

Defend LGBTQIA+ Freedoms

All hardworking people in our community should have the chance to earn a living, provide for themselves and their families, and live like everyone else. Jaelynn believes that nobody should have to live in fear that they can be fired or evicted just because of who they are.

Support Public Education

Public schools serving our families and our communities must provide each child with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential in life. Jaelynn supports a strong public education system from pre-K to post high school.

School Funding

Jaelynn supports fully funding public education to meet the needs of a 21st century workforce.


Jaelynn supports keeping public dollars in public schools.

Higher Education

A well trained workforce is critical part of economic development in Kansas. Jaelynn supports state funding for technical/vocation schools, community colleges, and universities to keep costs affordable for students.

Reduce Gun Violence

Government can and should do more to keep us, and especially our children, safe. Jaelynn supports common sense measures to reduce gun violence.

Red Flag Laws

Jaelynn supports allowing law enforcement to remove guns from someone’s possession if they have been reported by a mental health professional to be a danger. Jaelynn also supports a legal path for family members to report someone they deem dangerous.

Close Background Check Loopholes

Jaelynn supports closing the trade show loophole and requiring 100% of gun sales to require a background check.

No Sale to Violent Offenders

Jaelynn supports preventing people convicted of violent misdemeanors from purchasing firearms.

21+ to purchase

Jaelynn supports raising the minimum age to purchase a firearm to 21 years of age or older.

Legalize Cannabis

A majority of states have recognized the medicinal value of cannabis in improving patients’ quality of life. Many have gone further and are now generating tax funds from recreational cannabis. Jaelynn supports legalized cannabis.


Jaelynn supports medical cannabis and protecting patients’ ability to access medicine modeled after Oklahoma’s system.


Thousands of Kansans visit neighboring states to purchase recreational marijuana. Kansas dollars should stay in Kansas. Jaelynn supports recreational cannabis legalization in Kansas.


Jaelynn supports the release of inmates who have been convicted solely of cannabis related crimes.


 Most states have realized the freedoms that were unjustly stripped away as a result of decades of flawed laws, it’s time for Kansas to do the same. Jaelynn supports the expungement of cannabis related convictions in Kansas.